SEO and Digital Marketing

Doing a comparison of SEO and digital marketing is a beginner question or might be confusion. But actually, SEO is the single part but digital marketing includes graphic design, logo design, website development, social media optimization, and display advertisement.

A graphic designer makes a banner design that can be used for ads as well. So the graphic designer has a lot of means in this field. Even web developer needs web design from him.

Logo design is also the designing part but with a more professional way to make a brand identity. Many online logo maker companies provide the services but the companies that give you a personal experience and deals with suggestions are good for you.

Next is website development. It is done with programming and it is difficult from other jobs. The developer takes a lot of time to create logic and a new way to do the thing that will you see uniquely. So this is the reason the developer's salary is high compared to other jobs in information technology.

In the SEO field, the developer creates a unique theme and program the widget on the website so that navigation and graphical layout should look impressive.

For search engine optimization I have written some posts. You just need to read.
All words are simple. So I think you are familiar with them. The question that makes little confusion I cleared that.

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