SEO Marketing and Social Media

Marketing on the internet is a major part of the business. With SEO marketing and social media, both can make good results for your business. Most of the traffic nowadays is on social networks. So why not track them there.

How to push my SEO marketing through social media?

  • Create a social media page. 

  • Fill all required information by networking website.

  • Start with the registered brand.

  • Offer quality service.

  • Do engagement with regular posts but not do in a single day. Keep difference in posts.

  • Make informative posts.

  • Offer some discount within the time difference or on special days.

  • Add video content.

  • Do some live events like seminars and share them on the social media page.

  • Respond to the audience's comment.

  • Make some questions and ask for feedback.
Which social network is good for marketing and SEO?

Social networking quality websites.
  • Instagram for images and videos.

  • Facebook for all things.

  • Twitter is for professionals
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