SEO Title - How To Describe

SEO Title is based on post type. It depends upon the post content. Title length should be short and descriptive so that it can be catch up in the Google snippet.

Next, how you can describe it?

Cover the main title and then related information but never go far from the title so that your user does not get any type of confusion.

For example

Main Title


Main Heading and information


Sub Heading and information


Supportive information

last conclusion where it is needed.

How to make the title?

Making a title is not easy without practice. You have to use suitable words that can describe your article. It should impressive also that it is good for you and your targeted audience.  With impressive and descriptive titles your audience can better understand the snippet of your article.

When you search in Google you see 10 snippets per page by default. If you are a beginner blogger then you might not know the value of snippet that contains Title, URL, and Description. From an SEO point of view, the title has so much value. 

Title and URL relation in Blogger

Blogger automatically creates the URL from the title. Sometimes it skips some words in URL. Mostly when your title is long.

You can set your title setting in Blogger's post setting. Keep your title descriptive. In Blogger auto-generated title does not look good. So use the custom title option under permalink. 

Your title is used in a web browser, social media, and SERP.

Note: Keep your title under 60 characters.

Ensure title checklist

  1. Use questions as a keyword and keep it short.

  2. Tell truth about a content page. Read the full article and write the possible Titles and then choose.

  3. Use why not do this. Where you can express do not list. You can describe why not meaning as the title

  4. Add must do where you can. It can be motivation and truth-oriented.

  5. Add appealing text That catches the clicks.

  6. Add Emotional words for story or news content.

  7. Add word for an audience that they required, you can get via a comment on the website.

  8. Stop getting clicks with tricks. A bad experience will affect your whole website's reputation.
According to Neil Patel create a title like a magazine's title. 

Tip: Get experience with practice and by learning for your topic. You will make automatically a good title.

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