What is Cloaking in SEO?

Cloaking is that when you show different pages to search engines and users. For example, you show cartoons to search engines but users see the porn page. it is a bad experience. Never try to do such kind of act.

Matt Cutts said
“White hat cloaking is a contradiction in terms of Google. We’ve never had to make an exception for “white hat” cloaking. If someone tells you that — that’s dangerous.” 

Text to image redirect

Suppose you have the image-based blog or website then you will target the audience with text to image. It is not cloaking because it is showing you relevant image but if text and image do not match then it is cloaking due to different content.

Spam E-mail with cloaking

This is normal you get spam in your email. Have you noticed you are redirected to another page that is in your email? 

For example, You have a different image than the content you reached. This is cloaking. Sometimes people who have less knowledge of computer spam become foolish. 

To save yourself, always add email to spam that is like this.

Spammy flash content

You visit sometimes on websites that have flash content on the web page. If the page is relevant but flash pop up on that web page redirecting to another web page. This is cloaking because you have the right page but the wrong redirect. 

This is done with some code on the web page. Avoid it to get a better user experience in SEO.

Different language web page

You have a visitor from the USA and he is looking web page is English but you are showing the article in Hindi. That is not cloaking but it has a bad user experience. Keep the user on the right page with the help of hreflang tag

Black hat technique

This is considered in black hat SEO. Google's webmaster guidelines restrict to use it. Search engine ranking gets affected if you use it. Rather than doing this try to add keywords into a page that are related to the article. If you add then search engine crawlers better understand your page is about what.

Human users know what is web page showing. You can not fool them. So your domain trust comes down. For Google index use the right SEO techniques that are according to guidelines of search engine. Presenting different content to users and search engine does not make happy to your traffic. Also never try to add hidden text in your content.

You are putting effort to write content. So always do white hat SEO to never heart user and search engine.

Keep learning.

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