What is Google Search Console?

Google search console is the tool to find the error on the website. I have an example of Url status in the webmaster account. How they look like after crawling. But the result depends upon a unique project. Each project has different output but some cases can be the same. 

Url Status

Url Status

Url Status. How URLs are going to monitor in search console. Each status has its own meaning.

The Google webmaster tool is used to check the error on the website while crawling. When the website is under construction or developing has a lot of changes and that changes are noticed by the webmaster account. 

You can check that notification and take action to fix or correct them. If you have no error and issue then it is signal that your website is clean and ready to run in the Google search engine.

It is a free tool provided by Google.

Google Search Console Steps

1. Overview - See clicks and coverage overview. 

2. Performance - See clicks, impressions, average CTR, and average position.

3. URL inspection - Inspect URL and see how it is behaving with a spider.

Url inspection tool

Url inspection tool.


1. Coverage - You need to take care of errors under coverage section but when you are under development then you will see some error because you are changing something while under construction. They will fix automatically but first, you make sure they should be correct.

2. Sitemap - To see the available web pages on the website.

3. Removal - You can submit a new request for removing a web page about your website from SERP.

Enhancements (Speed Analysis)

1. Speed (experimental) - Used to check the desktop speed

2. Mobile usability - Used to check the mobile speed

Security and manual action

1. Manual action - See manual spam.

2. Security issue - See any security issue.

Legacy tools and reports

1. International targeting - I am not familiar with this feature and not required with a blogger.

2. Crawl stats - See how many web pages are crawl per day.

3. Messages - See messages from the webmaster team.

4. Url parameter - I am not familiar and not required with a blogger.

5. Web tools - Further some extra useful features.

At the end

1. Links - See your website's internal and external links. Moreover, top linking sites and text.

2. Settings - Account settings

Keep Learning.

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