How To Use Redirect On Blogger?

Never try to redirect feature on Blogger. Instead of it try to keep your post on blog and change URL where you think it is not accurate and get a new keyword for the URL. In this way also you will create 404 pages. Why I am saying this because creating multiple redirects is hard. Moreover, never delete posts. Multiple deleted posts need to remove from Google if posts are in the index. 

Deleted posts become 404 and webmaster takes time to clear your development mistakes. Therefore your ranking comes top to down or your site never comes in search until the webmaster clear the error.

Use 301 redirects. It is better to cover 404 pages but never makes too much 404 pages otherwise you will be fed up by doing redirects the posts.

Note: In some other posts I have told you to do the redirect but I gave the reason. But the above solution is best for the Blogger platform.

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