Blogger Comments - How To set?

Comments are the way to interact with the user and to know what he needs. Blogger comments need to be hidden or enabled. I chose to hide. Because I am getting spam comments. I try to approve accurately but when I published the content. I saw a link within the text that is targeting to promote a non trusted site. After that, I removed the comment. 

I saw this activity multiple times. So comments are permanently hidden from my blog. If you think the same you can do the same I did. But if you want to add comments then enable the captcha for comment that means the word verification will be done before comment post.

My Settings

Blogger comments setting

In the above image, My comment location is hidden under the Blogger comments setting. 

If you want to show comments you can choose the following settings.

Comment location - Embedded

Who can comment - Users with Google account can comment. 

Comment moderation - Always

Reader comment captcha should be enabled.

What I am doing to see comments

I have a Facebook group where you can comment. I will post a reply to the Group. Only trusted users will participate in the group. If Spammy people will come, I will remove them. I will post good comments on the Facebook Page.

You need to ask the question with a post link if your question is from the blog's post. 

What Matt Cutts says about it

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