Digital Marketing SEO - What it includes?

In the digital world, SEO is the most effective way to get organic traffic. Digital marketing SEO is part of online organic marketing. What it includes, I am going to explain.

First of all, understand what is SEO?
You write a web page to target organic traffic. The content-based web page needs optimization. A healthy content is that it has unique information from other websites. What more it requires? You need to cover all possible information related to the title. 

Do topic research before writing content.

Content layout based on the storytelling way like step by step. Your web page needs some SEO tags to make your article understandable for the search engine. Example: H1 Tag that represents your title to the crawler.

The crawler is the spider that visits on the website and understands the web page for what it is about. You need to write your content according to the SEO content template.

Email marketing handling

When you come to the online audience you get the Email about their questions and queries. You need to handle them to improve your service and build customer engagement. Moreover, the audience's questions are the keywords that you can use in the title and within the content. 

Email is helpful for  SEO when you manage your contact form.

Another way you can send emails to your customers to complete an action that they left on your's business website. You can send your offers to your's registered users.

Use of social media for SEO

Social media helps you to target your audience on their interest. People show their interest on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can show offers based on people's interests. Facebook like and share button helps to target the connections of your organic traffic.

Keyword management for SEO

As a digital marketer, you need to manage your's business keyword so that you can target your customer via remarketing. People visit on your's business website and you notice the cookies and track the customer.

The cookie helps you to manage the audience on your website and you make the plan by understanding the cookie's message.

Quality content management

Enrich your content with topic-related words. You can get the idea from Google Search results or you can read some books related to your topic. Books will tell you more words that you might don’t know. If you want to use a tool then the SEMrush writing assistant is good.


Googlebot crawls the web pages to understand the content. Your content is found and indexed with the help of crawlers, so use your crawl budget effectively and plan first for your content. Otherwise, after writing the content you will face the problem and you feel to delete the post or update multiple times that will take your effort and time. 

I suggest to write the post structure on the paper and see what you still need to add. Your post should be unique and informative than the other website.

keyword research

Use free tools like Google keyword planner, Keyword Everywhere. Search engine result pages have competition with each other to rank high. Relevant keywords help to make your content more informative. 

Any search engine result page (SERP) based on a high-quality snippet that is the first impression for your web page. So digital marketing strategy says you to make your snippet descriptive. 

Outbound links

The question is do outbound links help SEO. The answer is yes. You add a link to the related sites and related content. This is a good signal for your user and the search engine.

Also. read inbound links.

SEO strategy

You should always rank higher. So never let you down while working. Do your work consistently. The site ranks well due to regular work on the site is maintained by the admin.

Small businesses

Growth depends on teamwork. Give motivational speed to your team and allow bonus on each project you did. If your company is registered with the share market then give some share to your best employees. So that your employees can grow with your company. Local SEO is good for small enterprises.

Social media marketing

Create business pages on the best social media platforms. Give some offers to your social media page. It is the complement to the SEO best practices. 

SEO vs. digital advertisement

Google ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads are the way to get instant leads and sales instead of doing SEO. We know SEO takes time. I recommend you, use ads for instant results. Traffic is available on search engines and social media. Target ads according to your budget. 

Some of the ads are expensive on Facebook and Some of the ads are expensive on Google. On Google, your ad quality matters the most that helps you to get the most from your ad with the minimum amount.

Google Adsense

If you are a Blogger then you can earn money through Google Adsense. You need to provide unique content in the market. Search engines like Google focus on web page SEO. So make your article page for user satisfaction.

Above all headings are related to the title.

Helpful articles

SEO and digital marketing

Doing a comparison of SEO and digital marketing is a beginner question or might be confusion. But actually, SEO is the single part but digital marketing includes graphic design, logo design, website development, social media optimization, and display advertisement.

A graphic designer makes a banner design that can be used for ads as well. So the graphic designer has a lot of means in this field. Even a web developer needs web design from him.

Logo design is also the designing part but with a more professional way to make a brand identity. Many online logo maker companies provide the services but the companies that give you a personal experience and deals with suggestions are good for you.

Next is website development. It is done with programming and it is difficult from other jobs. The developer takes a lot of time to create logic and a new way to do the thing that will you see uniquely. So this is the reason the developer's salary is high compared to other jobs in information technology.

In the SEO field, the developer creates a unique theme and program the widget on the website so that navigation and graphical layout should look impressive.

For search engine optimization I have written some posts. You just need to read.
SEO in digital marketing is the way to optimize the content in the SERP that is known as search engine result pages. Actually, SERP is the snippet in the search engine and we get them when we type any query in the search bar.

The search bar can be Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing.

Posting content and writing content is an art. You should control yourself while you are writing. Think about humanity. What you are going to deliver. Stay away from a money-minded mind. Because you can not control your work in a proper manner.

Moreover, digital marketing is wast in nature.

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