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I have some Blogger questions and I am explaining them. It will be helpful for your blogging. 

1. Important Part Of Blogging To Increase Credibility

Blogging skill comes through practice, so I recommend to do experiments and learn from them. Never stop your learning when you do mistakes. All people do mistakes. No one is perfect by birth.

When you do blogging you do keyword research. I suggest you do read an article before writing. It will help you cover the topics that you don't know But don't copy other's content. First, get experience and then understand and then guide the user.

You can find questions on Google's question hub. Make an article and then link it with the question of question hub.

100 words article is better than the 1000 words article if answer the user query in a good way. 

An important part of blogging

  1. Provide your identity: People love to know who is the author behind the content.

  2. Tell your expertise: Your skill add value to your customer.

  3. Trusted network: Make a network with other trusted sources and get reviews for your work.

  4. Never provide fake information.

  5. Provide information around the title.

  6. Make an internal link with your popular post because people love to see relative information.

  7. Never confuse the user with a long article where information is not relevant. Your content should be near to title.

  8. Social platform connectivity: Add your social profile to your blog.

  9. Provide good customer service.

  10. Be up to date

  11. Answer more questions and do engagement with customers.

  12. Stay away from violent topics.

2. Blogger Monetization - Can I Do Multiple Advertising?

Blogger provides an option to monetize with Google Adsense. You need the approval to show ads on your Blogger's blog or any website. You can add affiliate ads with Adsense but your content should be more than your ads. Multiple ad links violate Adsense policies. 

Is it possible to monetize my Blogger account with multiple advertising platforms?

Blogger itself doesn't provide the option to manage other advertising platforms within Blogger. You can use the third party ads with the HTML/Javascript gadget. You are advised to use one or two advertising platforms on your blogger account. You can use Amazon affiliate with Google Adsense.

Your main aim should be to satisfy the user with your content. Your answer should be matched with the user's query.

3. How To Delete My Old Blogger site In Google Search Console?

Sign in to Google search console and select the property that you want to delete. After this go to settings. You will see the option to delete your site from the search console. Click on remove property then your property will be deleted.

Delete property in Google search console

The above image shows how to delete the property in the Google search console.

Read what is Google search console to know more.

4. Is socialization important in blogging?

Yes, it helps to target your audience on social networks. Make your page on Facebook, Instagram for your business.

5. How to check the template error of Blogger templates and solve it?

Always save the backup of your template, so that if something happens wrong then you can use your old template. Moreover, I suggest you, don't make changes to your template until you think that you are an expert to do so. 

Use the Blogger customization feature to change the look of your blog template. Install only trusted themes from third parties. Focus on your content rather than making too many changes to the template.

6. If my email address is the same for youtube channel and blogger then I get different earning or not?

You will get the earning in your Adsense account that you have configured for Youtube and Blogger.

7. How to check whether the disclaimer is legal to publish for Blogger?

You can add your privacy policy and term and condition page. You can tell the disclaimer in terms and condition page. It is legal to provide this information. 

8. How I start blogging?

Blogger is a good platform you can start blogging on it. Before writing anything on a blog first learn everything about SEO. My blog provides information about it. Read it and ask me a question. Read Blogger SEO to know about how to start with Blogger?

9. Can anyone plz tell me how to add a like button in the Post on

You need to go the Blogger's layout section and then need to select the Blog post edit. 

Blogger's blog post edit section

When you click on the edit then you will see the following window.

Enabling like box in the Blogger

As mentioned in the image enable the reactions and save. Your audience can like and dislike the post.

10. How to succeed in any niche for blogging?

Your knowledge and experience about the niche and the SEO practical knowledge are required to succeed in any niche. You need to add keyword for user and search engine. Think about what are the problems with the user's query and try to solve them. Moreover, add the schema markup if your content is eligible for it.

11. Why my all posted photos from Blogger are not showing in images of Google

Because you have not set the alt tag. 

Syntax: <img alt="add text that describe the image">

12. How to check copyright on Blogger?

Use to check your content has copyright or not. If you are coping from other websites or blogs then your content will match with others which means you need to fix your content to remove copyright.

13. Do blogging websites allow the reader to edit the blog?

A blog is written by a verified author or by the admin of the blog, so you can not edit the blog. Alternatively, you can send them your suggestions.

14. How to check that my Blogger website has indexed on Google search and what's the simple way to rank on Google search?

Use in Google search to see your website is in the index or not. There is no simple way to get rank in Google. It takes time and effort.

15. How to edit a prepared blog on

You need to edit the post to add to new information. Go to posts and select the post that you want to edit.

16. When you get AdSense on Blogger?

If your blog is ready for an audience then apply for Adsense. You will get a reply after your request is reviewed by the Adsense team. 

17. How to delete my blogger blog?

Go to settings then under the manage blog section, you will see the option to remove the blog.

Delete Blogger blog

Image guide to delete the Blogger blog.  After this, you will see this blog in the deleted blog section. It will be under your blog properties and from there you can delete it permanently. You will also get the option to undelete the blog.

18. How to delete blogger profile?

Go to the layout of your blog then see the about me profile gadget. Click on edit then uncheck the show profile option. Your profile will no longer visible on your blog. 

Blogger profile edit section

Blogger profile edit section.


Show and hide Blogger profile

To Show and hide the Blogger profile check or uncheck the show profile option and save.

Note: You can not delete your profile from Blogger because it is associated with the Blogger account. Alternatively, you can hide it from the blog.

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