12 Personal experienced Blogging Mistakes

As a beginner when you have less practice on your project, you do blogging mistakes. I am explaining that I came to know when I did blogging practice.

1. You are making thin blog

With less content on the blog, you will not rank well. Get all keywords about your niche and make a post.

2. You are not consistent in blogging

If you blog less then you also can not do well. Regular posting tells Googlebot to visit on a regular basis on the blog and see what’s new. 

You can improve crawler efficiency with internal linking. Your new post should have an internal link with the old one where it is relevant to add. Googlebot will crawl both new and old URLs. 

3. Deleting posts again and again

If you had not planned before then you will do multiple changes to your post. This is not good because you might delete some posts that will become 404 pages.

You need to clear 404 pages from the search. You can lose backlinks if you delete your post, so do planning on paper before writing.

4. Content not user-oriented

If your post does not answer the query then your post will not rank. Cover how to in the post. Focus on 5W strategy that covers what, when, where, who, and why

5. Irrelevant redirect

You are redirecting post to that post where the redirected post has not related information. So avoid. You can redirect if you have duplicate posts. But multiple redirects are hard for multiple duplicate posts.

See webmaster thread https://support.google.com/webmasters/thread/62462392?hl=en

Related post SEO redirect.

6. Poor formatting

Try to make the format of the post like professional. Write content in the storytelling view.

7. Not linking to other sites

Try to make trusted external links that are helpful for Google crawling.

8. Not impressive look

Make a stylish theme if you know to code otherwise by from trusted source.

9. Less loading speed

Your theme should be lightweight. If you are buying a theme then see your template should not contain the unwanted code that is making your blog hard to load.

10. Poor hosting

If you are using a shared plan make sure your all traffic that Google sending can read your blog with good speed. If your site has less speed then upgrade your plan. 

On Blogger there is no hosting issue.

11. Wrong submission to Google search console

Don’t submit the website to Google search console while developing because Google search console read all changes to your website. It means your crawling budget will be waste if you do so.

Submit when you know the website or blog is complete.

12. Lazy update

You need to update your post on a regular basis. Suppose you have the year 2020 post that needs to update in the year 2021. Moreover, you need to update post content when new information arrives.

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Popular posts from this blog

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