SEO Queries Searched By Bloggers

In this post, I am providing the Common SEO queries that are searched by the bloggers. As a beginner these queries you might not know. I am trying to include all. You can also ask me on the Facebook group if something missing in this post.

1. Copyright removal request

If you found your copyright content on other locations on the web then you can submit a copyright removal request to Google via Google search console. You can create your new notice for copyright removal Google. The links I provided are from Google trusted copyright removal program. Go to the Google copyright removal page and fill the information. You can upload your information about yourself, copyright work. You can also mention the location where you found copyright misuse.

You are advised to add only one URL per notice so that Google can verify easily your complaint. If you add multiple URLs then you will not get as you are expecting from Google. Because you can not add all web page copyright data into a single text box. You will realize when you submit the notice.
Note:  if you are not sure whether material available online infringes your copyright, we suggest that you first contact a lawyer.

Copyright copy-paste

Never try to copy from others you can be easily tracked, so stop copy-paste if you are doing. is the website where you can check who is copying your content and you can file Google copyright removal against them. 

2. Why dynamic pages not indexable?

User experience is important in SEO. So dynamic pages are not indexed by search engines due to bad experience for the searcher. UX has an impact on the Google brand reputation. So Google does not fetch the URLs that are automatically generated. 

Because Google doesn't trust on dynamic web page's content. In other words, Google hates dynamic results.

Dynamic Pages with SEO

Don't think dynamic pages are fresh and they are good for Google. Because Google likes freshness.

So focus on static pages that have value and linked with dynamic where it is useful for the searcher. 

Note: Dynamic pages do not pass any link juice value to other pages.

3. Outgoing links 

The link that is going from your website to another is known as an outgoing link or external link. But what you need to care when you are creating. Always thing about trust for external links that also should be relevant. 

Moreover, many links can not help you to get ranking. So focus on less but relevant. Try to describe yourself and take official examples You can give an official link but try to stay away from spammy official websites.

It means you don't need to add a URL link within your blog or website that does not have value at all. Think about the security on the internet for your users.

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4. Robots.txt with search engine

Robots.txt with search engine behaves like an intermediator and has a 500KB total file size. You can tell to communicate or block communication through this with Google or any search engine. 

In the robots.txt have one thing that most probably confuses everyone. That is noindex with Disallow. You can not come to SERP. if you use one of them. It is not recommended to use until you want to block any URL or Directory in SERP.

robots.txt with a search engine

Robots.txt with a search engine.

Never you will come in the search by using both noindex and Disallow

Note: If your URL is read in webmaster to do crawling then Disallow will reject to crawl and when URL is read by itself on the internet then noindex will tell to reject for indexing. Moreover, if you use only noindex then the webmaster will crawl the URL but will not index due to noindex meta tag. Also, Disallow can not read noindex because crawling is blocked.

5. XML sitemap that tells URLs to crawler

Have you multiple pages on your website? Google needs the XML sitemap to know the URL on your website. But all URLs should be in 200 HTTP status code. Otherwise, you are in trouble and your sitemap is not accurate.

truth about xml sitemaps

The truth about XML sitemaps.

Note: Always use the gzip compression and UTF-8-encoding for your XML.  404 pages should be away from the XML sitemap.

Moreover, read multiple sitemaps.

6. Link hub that is known as a hyperlink collection

Link hub the way to show the collection of relevant web pages to the readers. When you target multiple pages your main target title is listed with that link hub. 

It means you get a more crawler understanding of your website or blog.

link hub as collection of web pages

Link hub as a collection of web pages includes the relevant pages interlinking.

Never try to make a link to those web pages that are not interrelated. As I said in other posts multiple links to a single post are not genuine work. It sounds good only if they are understandable from your reader's point of view.

7. SEO Vs. PPC Career

SEO and PPC both related and wast in nature. People want instant results so I recommend to go with PPC. You can early fulfill the demand of customers with PPC. SEO is for publishers who want to make a profit with their content.

Also, you can do both. It depends upon your experience and knowledge. Do practice if you are new in this field.

SEO means profit to the publisher.

PPC means profit to the advertiser. An advertiser can be a Google partner. But PPC is not associated with Google only. Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter are also included.

8. ccTLDs domains and their difference with TLD domains

ccTLDs domains need to be registered within the local market which can make it expensive. They may be unavailable in different regions. For example .in and .ca is the ccTLD domains.

This is known as the country-code top-level domain. You can take TLD(top-level domain) and then can use the hreflang tag to tell a country-specific web page.


<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-us" />

9. How to do maintenance on a website

To do maintenance on the website you can use 503 code and use retry after in header. But reading the question in another way, you need SEO optimization and lightweight coding on your website so that you will not get any kind of speed issue.

Note: Retry after in header is used for date mentioning, when your server will be available.

Moreover, the server is important for your website. So get the right server that has good bandwidth. If you are planning to do something big do on a dedicated server or you can use Google cloud service. Also, Google's brand trust never puts your confidence down while you developing your project.

10. What is the SEO relation with the 4XX HTTP status code?

4XX code used to handle client-side errors that are different from server-side errors. It does not include any kind of redirect. From an SEO point of view, 404 pages become broken links that harm your SEO optimization.

Note: 404 pages only become broken links if you use it as an internal or external link.

So try to avoid any 404 pages to link.

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11. How to deal with HTML and PDF version that has the same content?

I have talked about mobile and desktop versions in the mobile SEO post. But what to do when you have HTML and PDF version on your website and you want to target audience on the web page rather than downloading the PDF file.

You need the x-robots tag to apply the rel canonical.

HTML and PDF version selection

HTML and PDF version selection.

12. SEO true false statements

True and False SEO statements that might you don't know from a technical SEO point of view. I am going to talk about four SEO statements that will guide you to do the right optimization.

SEO true and false statements

SEO true and false statements.

False: You need to have all sub-pages of a category being indexed.

True: Pagination is required for good SEO performance.

True: rel=next and rel=prev attributes tell the chain of your pages. Google knows via this which page comes next and before.

Ture: Must implement pagination on e-commerce and editorial websites.

Moreover, read SEO questions post for confusion clearance.

13. Anchor text's SEO performance

Anchor text used to tell the search engine that I have this keyword or word phrase that can be used as a query in the search engine. But actually, it is written with <a> Tag.

anchor text uses

The anchor used to boost the SEO performance on your web page. As said in the question <a> Tag is used with href attribute. 

You might be seen that some websites are using the anchor text # id feature that directly points you to the heading of that anchor. Never confuse yourself by taking the long text in the heading. 

Moreover, take short # id that will be easy to remember while developing a web page.

Note: NoFollow is not recommended for a good quality web page that you want to access by the search engine the SERP and also by other websites that might be interested to give you a backlink.

14. Manual links

Make only relevant manual links with a post. Some sites have links that are unrelated to a post. These kinds of websites have bad user experience for their content. Because of beginner people misguided with this type of content writing strategy. Even this happens with the advanced learner.

For example, on my blog, I have internal links that are created manually not with any kind of tool or widget. Moreover, making unwanted links don't help you with Google ranking. 

Also, long text links do not make sense where you have unrelated content pages. It can be external pages but the result is the same. So I do not recommend this practice.

15. Log files on the server in SEO

Log files are generally stored on a web server and contain a history of each and every access by a person or crawler to your website.

A server log file is a destination for a webmaster to view the data is correct and what is happening with the website. Note the requested URL and indicated the HTTP status code.

Log File Contains:

  1. The server IP address/hostname

  2. The timestamp of the request

  3. The method of the request (usually Get / Post)

  4. The requested URL

  5. The HTTP status code (Everything is fine for 200 or 301 redirects)

  6. The size in bytes for the response is always depending on if it has been set up to store this information or not.

  7. Also, log files store the user agent. The user agent helps you to understand if the request actually came from the crawler or not.
Note: Logfile data can be very different from Google Analytics data. The log file is server-side information while Google Analytics uses client-side code.

The log file can help you to see if the new URL has been crawled at all. If relevant URL hasn’t been discovered/crawled, your Internal linking is to week, and those tags need more additional internal links.

From an SEO point of view, I am going to tell you some interesting matrics.

The log file has the following data
  • Crawling budget analysis. 

  • Accessibility error with crawl.

  • Where crawling is lacking

  • Most active pages.

  • Pages that are not known to Google yet.
Actually, the log file is a record of hits on the server each day.

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