Who is M.S. Salotra?

I am M.S. Salotra managing www.mssalotra.com on Blogger after certified by Google in Digital Marketing. I am passionate about SEO and want to help others in Online Marketing.

About my Background

I am Graduated with B.C.A course from Lovely Institute that is now Lovely Professional University. In 2012 I got a student visa for Australia and in 2016 I came back from Australia. I did there MIT (Master OF Information Technology) Course. Before 2012 I started learning SEO and as a beginner, in this field, I got little success. After came back from Australia I got certification from Google in Digital Marketing and from SEMrush in Technical SEO. Now I am helping others.

Proof of certificate

M.S. Salotra's Google Digital Garage Certificate

M.S. Salotra's Google Digital Garage Certificate. To verify see certificate ID on Google official website.

M.S. Salotra's SEMrush certificate
M.S. Salotra's SEMrush certificate. 

M.S. Salotra's SEO fundamental certificate
M.S. Salotra's SEO fundamental certificate by SEMrush.

Note: My original name is Maninder Singh.
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